Welcome to Lone Oak Lawn Medic

At Lone Oak Lawn Medic, our services focus on re-building your lawn by feeding the soil with fertilizers AND organic matter – making your grass less dependent on chemicals, thicker and healthier and more drought resistant.

Typical fertilizers focus on delivering results at rock-bottom costs. This shift has virtually eliminated organic matter in most lawn products. Chemical-only applications keep the grass green, but make lawns completely dependent on chemical applications to maintain its health. The products Lone Oak Lawn "Medic" uses treat existing issues - but also build your lawn's long-term health and beauty. Referring to this type of fertilizer as "organic"-rather than "fertilizer containing organic matter" - has left some doubt in the minds of consumers as to its effectiveness.

Rest assured the products we use contain all of the best, up-to-date, proven weed-killing and plant-nourishing nutrients as other products. But instead of containing up to 55% "filler material" that provides no benefit to your lawn, our products replace that "filler" with 100% organic material that actually improves your lawn and the soil. Improved soil biology improves nutrient mineralization and reduces pressure from many types of grass disease. Turf grasses and ornamental plants also realize improved heat and drought tolerance from application of fertilizers containing organic material. When taken up by plant roots, the results are improved nutrient management and water conservation – a valuable centerpiece for any company's sustainable lawn care plan.

Replacing organic matter in the soil is one of the most studied fundamentals in horticulture research today. To call it a vital ingredient would be an understatement. Soil biology, plant life and society itself relies on organic matter and its ability to regenerate nutrient-depleted lawns.